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The Smart System Laboratory (SSLab) comprises three specialized units, namely:

Visual Computing Lab (VCLab) has served as a hub for cutting-edge research in computer science with a particular emphasis on applied research. We are committed to doing research and developing intelligent systems that always place the user or human at the forefront of the whole product or service development cycle. Human-centered AI, affective computing, human-computer interaction, computer vision, machine learning, adaptative interfaces, human senses, data science, and operations research are topics of interest Link

The Smart and Sustainable Systems Lab (3SLab) on the research and development of innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency, integration of renewable energy sources, and electric mobility. This includes the development, implementation and testing of innovative sensing devices, the research and implementation of machine learning and optimization algorithms, the development of Smart Charging solutions and of Energy Management Systems. A particular field of interest involves Local Energy Communities and Digital Twins, supported by the Living Lab of the Culatra Island, in Portugal Link.

The Electric Energy Systems Lab (EESLab) the research efforts of the members of the Electrical Engineering Department and the training activities of the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The lab focuses on all aspects of electrical power systems: power generation, transmission and distribution, renewable energy, smart grids, protection devices, condition monitoring, fault diagnostics, energy storage, power electronics, and electric machines and drives. The lab is equipped with all the essential components needed for experiments involving electric power systems.

Scientific Themes (keywords): Adaptative interfaces, affective computing, Anomaly detection, Computer Vision, condition monitoring, data science, electric machines and drives energy, storage fault diagnostics, human-centered, artificial intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Optimization power electronics, protection devices, Renewable energy, Sensor Networks, Smart Grids.


Instituto Superior de Engenharia, Universidade do Algarve
Estr. da Penha
8005-139 Faro

Senior researchers:

Jânio Monteiro, jmmontei[at]
Jorge Semião, jsemiao[at]
João Rodrigues, jrodrig[at]
Luís Oliveira, lolivei[at]
Pedro J. S. Cardoso, pcardoso[at]
Roberto Lam, rlam[at]